dynetx.classes.function.interactions(G, nbunch=None, t=None)

Return the list of edges present in a given snapshot.

Edges are returned as tuples in the order (node, neighbor).

  • G (Graph opject) – DyNetx graph object
  • nbunch (iterable container, optional (default= all nodes)) – A container of nodes. The container will be iterated through once.
  • t (snapshot id (default=None)) – If None the the method returns all the edges of the flattened graph.

edge_list – Edges that are adjacent to any node in nbunch, or a list of all edges if nbunch is not specified.

Return type:

list of edge tuples


Nodes in nbunch that are not in the graph will be (quietly) ignored. For directed graphs this returns the out-edges.


>>> G = dn.DynGraph()
>>> G.add_path([0,1,2], t=0)
>>> G.add_edge(2,3, t=1)
>>> dn.interactions(G, t=0)
[(0, 1), (1, 2)]
>>> dn.interactions(G)
[(0, 1), (1, 2), (2, 3)]
>>> dn.interactions(G, [0,3], t=0)
[(0, 1)]