Compute the time respecting paths between nodes in the graph.

These algorithms work with undirected and directed graphs.

Time respecting paths

time_respecting_paths(G, u, v[, start, end]) Computes all the simple time respecting paths among u and v within [start, stop].
all_time_respecting_paths(G[, start, end]) Computes all the simple paths among network node pairs.
annotate_paths(paths) Annotate a set of paths identifying peculiar types of paths.
path_duration(path) Computes the timespan of a given path.
path_length(path) Computes the topological length of a given path.

Temporal Directed Acyclic Graph

temporal_dag(G, u, v[, start, end]) Creates a rooted temporal DAG assuming interaction chains of length 1 within each network snapshot.