Functional interface to graph methods and assorted utilities.


degree(G[, nbunch, t]) Return the degree of a node or nodes at time t.
degree_histogram(G[, t]) Return a list of the frequency of each degree value.
density(G[, t]) Return the density of a graph at timestamp t.
create_empty_copy(G[, with_data]) Return a copy of the graph G with all of the edges removed.
is_directed(G) Return True if graph is directed.
add_star(G, nodes, t, **attr) Add a star at time t.
add_path(G, nodes, t, **attr) Add a path at time t.
add_cycle(G, nodes, t, **attr) Add a cycle at time t.


nodes(G[, t]) Return a list of the nodes in the graph at a given snapshot.
number_of_nodes(G[, t]) Return the number of nodes in the t snpashot of a dynamic graph.
all_neighbors(graph, node[, t]) Returns all of the neighbors of a node in the graph at time t.
non_neighbors(graph, node[, t]) Returns the non-neighbors of the node in the graph at time t.


interactions(G[, nbunch, t]) Return the list of edges present in a given snapshot.
number_of_interactions(G[, u, v, t]) Return the number of edges between two nodes at time t.
non_interactions(graph[, t]) Returns the non-existent edges in the graph at time t.

Freezing graph structure

freeze(G) Modify graph to prevent further change by adding or removing nodes or edges.
is_frozen(G) Return True if graph is frozen.

Snapshots and Interaction Stream

stream_interactions(G) Generate a temporal ordered stream of interactions.
time_slice(G, t_from[, t_to]) Return an iterator for (node, degree) at time t.
temporal_snapshots_ids(G) Return the ordered list of snapshot ids present in the dynamic graph.
interactions_per_snapshots(G[, t]) Return the number of interactions within snapshot t.
inter_event_time_distribution(G[, u, v]) Return the distribution of inter event time.